Northland whānau grieve the loss of their teen to suicide

By Dean Nathan

It is the final farewell for Daymon Ruka from his home where his parents found his body in the early hours of yesterday morning.

According to Moses Cherrington, “Some people carry heavy burdens in this modern world and that won't stop, but we all need to look carefully for certain signs in our young people.”

Daymon was only 16 years of age at his passing, leaving the family and the whole community in total shock.

Figures released recently by Statistics NZ show that suicide rates have fallen in the past year, to a total of 529 nationally.  In that same period, the rate for Māori males in Daymon's age group of 15 to 19-year-olds has halved.

The search continues for an answer to this phenomenon that leaves many bereaved families with a heavy burden to bear.