Northpower launches first rapid-charge station

By Dean Nathan

Yet another first for the nation is Northpowers’ rapid charge station for electric cars.

This initiative is aimed at improving the uptake of electric cars with daily savings on travelling costs estimated at a quarter of running a petrol engine. 

Apart from changing the tyres when required, the maintenance of an electric car is very minimal. And all you need to do is plug it in at home during the night to ensure the electric car is charged to go the next day.

Charged with locally produced power, it's exciting times for locally owned company Northpower who are striving to return the benefits to local customers via this technology.

According to Steve MacMillan, “There are challenges economically up here and the more we can put the power back in the hands of the people as you heard the running costs are just superb.”

The immediate challenge for Northpower is to establish more stations in other town centres.