Notorious ex-convict writes book behind bars

By Te Ao Māori News

After more than 41 years in prison, one of New Zealand's most notorious criminals has revealed the most personal secrets of his life.

Dean Wickliffe has shed light on his past and the treatment he received during his time behind bars. 

His autobiography, A Lifetime Behind Bars written during his last five years in prison, serves as a window into his life. 

“It's a journey from a seven-year-old child whose parents break up and he's left pretty much to fend for himself,” says Wickliffe. 

Wickliffe has over 50 convictions, including a life sentence for the manslaughter of Paul Miet in 1972. 

Wickliffe's resentment towards the system leads to him spending most of his time in confinement. 

“There was a period of eight to ten years where I refused my hour day exercise and I was locked up for 24 hours a day,” says Wickliffe.

“This was my response to the violence that I and my fellow prisoners were being subjected to.” 

Wickliffe was released on Parole in May 2017 and says, more needs to be done to help rehabilitate career criminals. 

He is now on a journey to reconnect with his whānau, his two daughters, and mokopuna.

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