Numerous rallies around the world in support of Aboriginal comminities

Multiple rallies across the globe were held to raise awareness of the forced closures of Aboriginal communities in Australia, supporters in New Zealand adding their voice to stop the closures.

The streets of Napier came to a standstill today as protestors voiced their support for the Aboriginal communities.

People of all ages, everyone, taking to the streets.

Jaci Chambers says, “There are so many people in Napier that don't know anything about what's happening, so we're doing this to bring awareness to the situation of 150 communities over there being shut down by the government.”

The Australian government announced it will close remote Aborigine communities because providing services to these areas is too costly for the government.

Today marks Global Solidarity day, a day to overcome division in the world, a day where numerous rallies took place to voice their support for the Aborigine people.