Nurturing career pathways for te reo Māori students

Showing Māori students career avenue is an important part of the Māori 4 Taiohi wānanga. According to a teacher, nurturing our younger generation to pursue what they are passionate about and where they can use te reo Māori are things that could improve their future.

Over 50 students between years, 9 to 13 from all corners of the country are taking part in this week-long marae stay at Auckland's Te Kura o Te Kōtuku. Event organiser Wiremu Mato says showing them career avenues where they can use te reo Māori is an important part of this wānanga.

“Yesterday, we had Career NZ visit the students. So it's also about exposing them to different career avenues where they can use te reo.”

Today, the students got a taste of theatre, a trend Wiremu says was of particular interest to these kapa enthusiasts. The wānanga hopes the students can also take these teachings and apply them in their everyday lives.

Facilitator Tiana King says, “To take away these teachings but also to encourage the creativity within themselves. Creativity can help lift confidence. It's good to teach them to be open and creative so they can take on the world and not be afraid.”

Tiana King, who is recent school graduate herself, says life after school can be overwhelming for Māori students, but says this wānanga is the perfect space for students to reflect.

“I believe it's really hard for Māori students leaving school to adjust to the mainstream world. It's really difficult for them to survive,” says King.

“Perhaps a lot of these students aren't aware that there are jobs out there where te reo Māori is an advantage,” says Mato.

The wānanga concludes this Friday.