'Nut job' Canadian ordered from Bali after desecrating haka atop sacred mountain

By Will Trafford

A Canadian self-proclaimed ‘wellness guru’ is to be deported from Bali after desecrating the Ka Mate haka, while fully naked on top of one of Indonesia’s most sacred maunga.

Jeffrey Craigan posted the video on social media atop Indonesia’s Mount Batur, a volcanic peak with cultural significance to many Balinese.

In the video Craigan is heard defiling the reo Māori of the haka, Ka Mate.

Local media Channel News Asia reports the man was taken into custody on Monday after authorities were inundated with complaints about insulting the sacred site.

Hundreds of social media users in Aotearoa have since weighed in as well. One user labelling the man an "absolute spinner", another calling him a "nut job" and inviting him to Aotearoa so locals could provide an appropriate response.

Authorities say Craigan has been in Bali since 2019 as a tourist and while his deportation has been ordered, they are struggling to get him a flight home, because he is not vaccinated against Covid-19.

While in custody the man has again taken to social media, this time to issue what he claimed was a "‘heartfelt apology" for the cultural appropriation and desecration of the sacred site.

"My intention wasn't to disrespect the Māori culture. I didn't even know the words I was saying," Craigan said while crying profusely.

"I was just expressing what I was feeling and I sincerely apologise for any hurt that I gave any Māori people."

The part-time actor also apologised to the Balinese people, claiming he did not know the mountain was a holy site.