Nyungah tribe embroiled in familiar battle with Australian Government

Nyungah tent embassy in Perth

The Nyungah tribe in Western Australia are not only fighting against the government’s decision for the planned closures of the remote communities but also to return to their own community in Lockridge which was closed down 11 years ago.

The Gallop government closed the community down amid allegations of widespread sexual abuse, allegations that were later proven wrong.

Community leaders have told Te Kaea about the impacts the closure had on their families, they lost their land and their homes and were sent to suburbs far away from each other making communication and life very challenging.

Last year the government bulldozed the eleven homes in Lockridge which used to house the Nyungah mob before their eviction in 2003. Herbert Bropho recalls that moment, “I was just watching all the memories of me and my mother all demolished in one day.”

Many of the displaced people were homeless and some are still living rough on the streets. Herbert says, “they just want to come home and rebuild their community.”

Te Kāea reporter Rewa Harriman continues the trail into the Aboriginal communities of Perth.

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