NZ Army Colonel plans to watch Māori Television on Anzac Day

By Bronson Perich

Colonel Glenn King, of Ngāti Tūmatauenga (NZ Army) discussed his Anzac Day plans on Tapatahi today. Col King and his wife stand to attention outside at dawn. After a big breakfast Col King plans on relaxing in front of the box.

“I’m keen to watch TV, a bit of Māori TV, they always have some good programmes on,” the Colonel says.

The Colonel commented on the wide range of military programming that covers a variety of military campaigns. After that he planned to touch base with whānau and friends. In regards to  the challenges that Ngāti Tūmatauenga are facing, the Colonel says.

“It’s challenging, but we’re used to challenges.

“Those who have served overseas become accustomed to being separated from families.”

With NZ Army personnel returning from overseas, the Colonel says that the challenge is different now. Although they are isolated in their respective bubbles, many NZ army personnel are happy to be isolating with the whānau and tamariki.