NZ Breakers return home as 2013 ANBL champs

The 2013 ANBL champions, the NZ Breakers, were welcomed home by their fans and families at Auckland Airport in the early hours of the morning.
Winning the championship for a third consecutive year places the Breakers as one of the most successful sporting clubs in NZ.

Fans turned out just after midnight to welcome home their champions with the third consecutive ANBL trophy.  There's no better way to end a career than cutting the nets at your greatest rival's home arena.

It was special also for the fans to see their team win the title, despite the multitude of jeers from Perth supporters.  The Breakers can now truly be spoken of as a successful club, something that couldn't have been done without its fans.

Although the next few days will be about celebration, it won't be long until thoughts shift to the four-peat.

Reporter:  Paul Mikkelson