NZ Chilli Eating Champs 2015 - Online Exclusive

By Rewi Heke

It’s a competition guaranteed to leave you in tears and gasping for air.

The NZ Chilli Eating Champs celebrated its 5th year with a special tribute to former champion, Daniel Naera, who was tragically involved in a fatal car accident earlier this year.

Fuelled on chillies from the Hokianga, 13 contestants battled it out at the Sweat Shop Bar in Auckland to claim the NZ Chilli Eating Champs title.  However keeping the chillies down proved a real challenge for some of the contestants.

One of the competitors said, “When you do swallow you do think it’s gonna come back.”

After a painful night of chowing down on chillies, Rotorua contestant, Josh Shotter took the win ahead of William Austin.  Despite a great win to Shotter, the after effects were definitely playing on his mind.

Shotter says, “It hasn’t yet sunk in, but I guess I’m gonna be paying for it tomorrow.”

With another spicy year down the hatch, no doubt 2016’s chillies will turn up the heat.