NZ First celebrates 25 years

NZ First member Shane Jones says that the party is focused on building young leaders and contesting the next election in 2020.

Our Reporter Mere Mclean has this report from the party's 25th birthday in Tauranga.

For these NZ First supporters, future leadership of the party is a priority.  According to Jones, “We need to develop young leadership within the party, don't assume that this party is for my generation only, that's not the case but none of us want to take the limelight away from Winston, he's our leader.” 

Recent public polling has NZ First under the five percent threshold and the party acknowledges it needs to win some votes back.

Member Pita Paraone says, “Our focus is making the party stronger and ready for the future.” 

Most of the party's supporters back Winston, who is the only leader the party has ever had. 

But Jones says there are other options for the future.

“There's also Tracey, Ron Mark and Fletcher [Tabuteau].  I haven't been around that long as a minister so if someone was to ask for my thoughts my focus is on what I'm doing,” says Jones.

Peters will address the conference tomorrow afternoon where he will outline the future aspirations of the party.