NZ Māori women's hockey take the silver medal

Poverty Bay has broken the winning streak of the New Zealand Māori in the women's Affiliates final at the Festival of Hockey today, taking home the 2-0 win.

Poverty Bay celebrate after taking home the Margaret Hiha Trophy at the Affiliates Tournament in Napier.

Poverty Bay Captain Cory Campbell, "I'm quite proud of the girls we played together as a team and that's all that counts and we got the end result."

New Zealand Māori came into the final undefeated taking on the much younger side full of under 19 players. 

NZ Māori player Parekura Rangitauira says, "A lot of very young legs went hard on the pitch today. At the end of the day, they got the ball in the goal and that's what won the game."

Campbell says, "That was a real tough game the Māori came out hard like the always do, cause they faced up for our first game and they beat us."

Despite the loss, the Māori took home more than just a silver medal.

Rangitauira says, "Some of the main things that some of us gained from this week were reconnecting with each other and our culture, being able to stay on the marae. Although some of us are used to that, there were a lot of players that have that aspect missing from their lives."

The Festival of Hockey continues into tomorrow with the Black Sticks taking on the USA in their final round robin match.