NZ Police and Customs keep drugs off the street

By Regan Paranihi

New Zealand Police and New Zealand Customs disrupted a number of drug supply chains on and offshore last year by seizing a large number of drugs.

Police and Customs detained over 403.5 kilos of methamphetamine across 1879 seizures and 132 cocaine seizures between January and November.

Detective Superintendent Greg Williams, National Manager: Organised Crime Group says, “Last year the National Organised Crime Group, in partnership with Customs, dismantled at least ten significant transnational crime groups operating in New Zealand and preying on our communities.”

He also says these illicit drugs are destructive and have no place in the community.

“As a result of drug use and drug dealing, communities often notice increased levels of crime such as burglaries, theft and vehicle crime.”

Customs’ Group Manager Intelligence, Investigations & Enforcement Jamie Bamford says, “Both Customs and Police work very closely with our overseas partners to share intelligence and target both the international drug suppliers and the distribution networks in New Zealand.”

He says the key part of New Zealand’s strategy to counter smuggling is to focus on preventing drugs from reaching the shores of New Zealand.

“International drug cartels will continue to try all methods to make money in New Zealand, and we are doing everything possible disrupt this.”

“We don’t want the drugs or these criminals in our society,” Bamford adds.