NZ Rugby says it is talking about bonus for Black Ferns

By Will Trafford

The Black Ferns celebrate winning the Rugby World Cup 2021 Final. Photo / Dean Purcell / NZME

New Zealand Rugby wants to "do the right thing" by the Black Ferns and is considering a financial reward for their historic Rugby World Cup victory over England on Saturday.

Had the 34-31 scoreboard been reversed at Eden Park, England’s players would have pocketed a $30,000 bonus.

The All Blacks received $150,000 bonuses after their World Cup win in 2015 but New Zealand Rugby chief executive Mark Robinson didn’t commit to a Black Ferns bonus figure while speaking to RNZ this morning.

"We would like to be in a position to do something pretty soon."

Robinson said NZ Rugby was investing $40 million across provincial unions, with an emphasis on developing women's and girls' rugby.

"We know there's always an expectation to do more and to do better and faster but we feel like we're in a good space and now just have to ... capture this momentum and move forward really quickly," Robinson said.

Wants 'to get it right'

In the next few weeks, many Black Ferns will go back to day jobs.

Robinson said that there were about 115 part-time players in Super Rugby and nearly 70 full-time contract players in the women's 15s and sevens.

Some Black Ferns earned between $60,000 and $130,000. Retainers were typically between $35,000 and $70,000.

"We want to do more in the space and we want to move as quickly as we can," Robinson said.

"This is a question of looking to grow this area of the game while balancing the needs of the athletes, of coaches, of the people that can support the high-performance environments and while there's obviously a huge appetite to work with urgency around this, we want to get it right."

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