NZ Sevens clear from mumps scare

By Rahia Timutimu

NZ Sevens are confident the NZ Women's Sevens team will be ready for action next Friday after a mumps scare.

The team, who remained in isolation on the Sunshine Coast during the opening ceremony due to a case of mumps, has been cleared by medics, according to NZ Olympic Committee spokesman Rob Waddell.

“I have good news, there are no more cases of mumps in the team,” says Waddell.

Ruby Tui remains in isolation since news broke on Tuesday that she contracted mumps, a viral disease.  Tui remains in hospital on the Sunshine Coast and is yet to be replaced, showing she may still be able to line up with the team in eight days' time.

Waddell says medical staff are doing all they can to ensure the players are match-ready.

“Our doctors have been working with the staff and players, ensuring their well-being and making sure that's ongoing as well.  It's good news and we're feeling really pleased to hear that”.

Nz Sevens winger Tim Mikkelson says the teams are in for a fight as each side needs to win their pool to remain in the competition.

“The unique thing of this tournament is that there's no quarter finals, if you don't win your pool you're gone,” he says.

“So it's pretty cutthroat.  We have to win and we have to step up in every game so that’s why we came over early.  That's why we’re training in the heat to get used to it and just pushing hard.  We need to be the consistent team and win five games to win.  So that's what we're here for, we're here to win”.

The Commonwealth Games Sevens tournament runs from Friday, April 13 to Sunday, April 15.