NZ Sevens off to Quarter-Finals

updated By Heeni Brown

NZ Sevens have managed to get to the quarter finals after their loss to Great Britain 21-19.

Dj Forbes says he continues to back his team but they need to be a lot better. 

NZ Sevens Dj Forbes says, “We’re just lacking that execution under high pressure footy these kind of games come down to finding moments and every other team seems to be making the most out of those and we’re not, we’re paying the price.”

NZ Sevens Tim Mikkelson says, “We got the ball early and built phases but we’re just too sloppy, when you give turn overs to this team they’re gonna go length of field all the time.”

The All Blacks Sevens side will now play No.1 seeded side Fiji in the first quarter-final at 8am (NZT).