NZ strongman Rongo Keene pumped for Singapore Strongman Series

For many, dragging a 12-tonne truck tied to your waist wouldn't be considered much fun, but for Ngāti Pāhauwera strongman Rongo Keene, it's a way of life.

Today the 28-year-old is flying out to the prestigious Singapore Strongman Series to represent NZ and he's packed every ounce of Māori pride to help him on the way. 

He says, “When I step on that podium out there bro, we're going to war, you know, and I shut off bro, and I let the animal out, the man comes out of me.”

“One of the events is a 300kg deadlift for reps, so as much in 60 seconds, so it's not going to be an easy comp to win.”

His coach was one of NZ’s most respected strongman competitors of the sport, Carl Waitoa.

“Carl used to be in the world circuit back in the 90's bro. So he's been there, he's my coach, he's been there and done that,” said Keene.

Keene is definitely keeping his lips sealed about giving too much of his secrets away. He says, “There’s a few other good lifts that I've done, but you know, got to keep those in the bag brother, so can’t let the competition know all the secrets.”

Keene will be competing in the Singapore Strongman Series this Friday.