NZ Tunnelling Company men honoured in Waihī

A memorial to honour the men of the New Zealand Tunnelling Company was unveiled in Waihī today.  The WWI military miners were sent to dig under enemy trenches and destroy them.

On the main streets of Waihi, a full military service parade.

To commemorate soldiers from the NZ Tunnelling Company who fought in World War one.  

TheTunnelling Company soldiers specialised in sapping and mining.  They created tunnels during the First World War. 

Some of these soldiers were of Cook Island descent.  Today a contingent from the Islands attended the commemorations. 

Waihī is notable for its history as a gold mine town.

As part of the commemorations 29 miners who lost their lives in the Pike River Coal mine in 2010 were also remembered.

This 7.5 metre high sculpture memorial has taken eight years to establish to commemorate the soldiers and miners who lost their lives.