NZR role for Luke Crawford

By James Perry

Luke Crawford has been the Māori All Blacks kaumātua for eight years. Today he began a new role at New Zealand Rugby (NZR) as the Māori Cultural Advisor.

He says that by moving into this role, he envisions the best parts of the Māori world being adopted by NZR.

This role has recently been established by NZR in an effort to promote Māori culture within their organisation. 

Crawford says that NZR know of the many great things on offer in the Māori world, and it is great that he will be in a position to see those things adopted by the union. 

Over the years he has been involved with the Māori All Blacks, Crawford says he has often been asked by people how best to adopt Māori concepts into the organisation, so now he shares the same offices as the rest of the union, he expects to see that continue and he will be able to assist them even further now.

Crawford will also remain in role of Kaumātua for the Māori All Blacks while in this position of Māori Cultural Advisor.