Oceana's strive for success

With her love for singing and her passion for her Māori culture, Oceana Olsen brushes aside all negativity. 

This NZ Got Talent contestant was born with Pseudoachondroplasia, a bone growth disorder.  Yet, this disorder is not holding her back from chasing her dreams.

She's only 10 years old and suffers from a bone disease, but neither age nor disability can hinder such pure talent.

Oceana is currently in the semi-finals of NZ Got Talent, and she did that by overcoming her fear.

Another positive about Oceana's achievement on the show is the impact she's had on other disabled children like herself.

Oceana's goal for this year is to learn more about her Māori side. 

It's easy to see that she's certainly a star in the making. 

So for Oceana to get through to the finals, all you have to do is vote for Oceana.