Omanaia School develops their own rongoā Māori range

By Regan Paranihi
Video courtesy of Ōmanaia School

Students from Ōmanaia School in the Far North have developed their own range of rongoā Māori.

The range started as a classroom project and has blossomed into an initiative to raise funds for a school trip to Hawai’i.

The school has set up their very own classroom rongoā shop that is now open to the public.

The ingredients for the first batch they made were preserved for almost a year and 50 products were sold.

They have since made a second batch and are ready for buyers to make their purchases.

The rongoā range consists of Kūmarahou cough syrup, kūmarahou tonic bottles, tūpākihi balm, kūmarahou balm and kawakawa balm.  

The students say they have learned many things throughout the process, from developing their own rongoā to learning about financial literacy.

For more information visit the school's facebook page or website.