One Love Festival boosts local economy

With 18,000 tickets sold for this year's One Love Festival, the local Tauranga economy could get a welcomed boost. Now in its seventh running, festival promoter, Pato Alvarez says it's growing from strength to strength.  

"We are bringing people from all around the world which is awesome, it's helping the community, it's helping New Zealand we have people flying from America, from Germany, France people from the islands and Australia," he says.  

In 2016, $5mil was injected into the local economy so for Tauranga Moana the event is a money maker for the region, attracting people from around the country and overseas.

Jonyne Mariu-Komene who came from Auckland says that the costs for the event are awesome, "I paid for the early bird tickets and I also received a free T-shirt.  

It's Mike Wilson's first time here he says "for the line-up and for a two day festival in New Zealand it's a pretty rare thing, you get the bang for your bucks!"

The event has the crowds and bands singing its praises.

Rongomai Tehei says that she will return next year for it, "A lot of youth are here, families who are working, cleaning, helping pick up the rubbish."

Promoter Alvarez is proud of what he has achieved, "One Love when I created it I wanted to show Aotearoa Reggae music to the world.  I think that we have some of the best reggae musicians ever and I wanted to push them overseas." 

Alvarez says the festival will be returning to Tauranga for 2019.