One Love "life hacks"

By Jessica Tyson
Around 20,000 people are expected at One Love this weekend. Source: Pato Entertainment, One Love, Facebook

The countdown is on for one of the world’s biggest reggae festivals, One Love. With 20,000 people expected at the festival, party-goers will be packing to travel to Tauranga this weekend for the festival.

Te Kaea spoke to the festival’s director Pato Alvarez who has a list of items people should bring to ensure they have the best time at the Tauranga Domain on Saturday and Sunday.

1. Good vibes

Bring your best attitude to chill out with your closest mates surrounded by thousands of other people vibing together to the music of some of the world’s top reggae artists, including Shaggy, Magic!, JBoog and Common Kings.

Make sure to bring your best vibes to the festival this weekend. Source: Live Shots Photography, Facebook

2. Sunblock

Bring your sunblock because the weather in Tauranga this weekend is expected to be hot and you don’t want your weekend to be ruined by getting sunburnt.

According to MetService Saturday is going to be partly cloudy with a chance of showers in the afternoon and light winds. Sunday is set to be a scorcher with a high of 27 degrees again, clear sky and light winds. 

This weekend is going to be a scorcher. Source: MetService

3. An empty drink bottle

This brings us on to our next point; to keep hydrated at the festival. Pato Alvarez says free water will be available onsite at One Love so party-goers should bring empty water bottles to refill throughout the day.

 4. A hat

Since the weather is going to be hot, bring a hat to wear. Past time concert goers say wide-brimmed straw hats are an all-time favourite at the concert.

“Anything with rasta colours is all good,” says one concert-goer.

Designer Lewis Whaitiri from Haututu Creations has been busy selling harakeke hats on Facebook for the concert.

"Due to the popularity, and even some PMs begging for more Rasta pōtae because of One Love this weekend, I will only be weaving those this week. I can’t say how many I’ll be able to whip up in time but will try my best," he wrote in a post on Facebook.

5. Water spray bottle

Another favourite at the concert is water spray bottles to spray water on your body. This is for those especially keen to get at the front of the stage where you a.k.a the sweat-pit. On that note, you better wear deodorant; preferably antiperspirant.

The Warewhare is selling spray bottles for two bucks. Get it girl! Source: The Warehouse

But for those really looking to save pūtea, hit up Kmart. Source: Kmart.

6. ID

No ID, no entry. One Love is R18 so remember to pack your ID with you when entering the gates.