One week on - 900 homes still without power

By Jessica Tyson

Aucklanders from the 900 properties still without power after last week's storm are beyond frustrated about having no hot water and power.

Today marks one week since strong winds hit the region and energy company Vector says they've received a high volume of calls from residents complaining about the delays in restoring their electricity.

Customers are mostly frustrated about the accuracy in estimates for power and hot water being restored.

Vector says, “the main issues to work through now are repairing damage and restoring power to those individual properties which didn’t come back on once the main supply lines were fixed”.

Meanwhile, Vector’s Head of Network Programme Delivery, Minoru Frederiksens says restoring hot water is separate to power restoration.

“While you may have power back you may still not have hot water. The reason for this is because the hot water system is separate from the system that delivers your power.  Both of these could have been damaged during the storm and they need to be repaired separately”.

While Vector is apologetic for the delay, they're focused on repairing all damage by the end of the week.