Oneill twins release new song

Kiwi dance sensations Brooke and Starce Oneill have released their new single “Love me Crazy”.

The twins gained the attention of hip-hop royalty, Missy Elliott, earlier this year. They hail from the Goebel's Palace Dance Studio as part of the Royal Family and Request dance crews. 

"We're in the water and we're doing things like that," says Brooke.

"It's very Peter Andre," says Starce.

Their latest song is based on the 22-year-old's idea of love or lack thereof.

"If it's going to be about love with another person, like a relationship, it needs to be in the future because I haven't experienced it," says Starce.

The twins' rising fame started with Paris Goebel and The Royal Family.

Last year they broke into the music scene with their first single, Boss as Chick.

"You're forced to learn things quickly when things just happen. When the wave is going you have to go with the wave, otherwise, you get left behind," says Starce.

They're on track to hit the top too. With a secret surprise due out next year.