Online maths resource launched in te reo Māori

By Jessica Tyson

Students are to benefit from an educational software company, Matific, which is launching its maths curriculum in te reo Māori today.

Matific is a game-based learning resource for Year 1  to Year 7 students, it is already available in 46 countries translated into 26 languages.

It is hoped the new development will play a part in normalising te reo in the classroom and encouraging Māori and non-Māori students to learn and speak the language.

It has been translated by Auckland University of Technology lecturer Hēmi Kelly who sits within the Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Development.

"The Māori translation of Matific has been an informative and humbling journey.  This resource will allow students in Māori medium education the opportunity to engage in a tool to develop in mathematics and prepare them for their future and a future in STEM.”

Kelly hopes the Matific translation will be a prototype which will lead to the Māori translation of other interactive resources that can be used in kura.

Māori make up 15 percent of the population in New Zealand, but numbers of proficient te reo speakers remain dangerously low.

 “As a lecturer of the reo and an active member in te reo Māori revitalisation, I see this as a gateway to continue the revitalisation of the language and culture in the education system," says Kelly.