Online the way to go now - gym owner on lessons from Covid lockdown

By Mare Haimona-Riki

From tomorrow, public facilities in Tāmaki such as museums, zoos, libraries, and pools, and gyms can open, with capacity limits based on the number of people who can visit while maintaining one-metre social distancing.

These new rules apply under the red phase of the government's new traffic light system.

The Cobalt Club co-owner Amber-Louise Reid (Ngāti Maniapoto) says she's excited to open next Monday after being out of the Auckland central facility for three months.

“We are so ready to lift proper heavyweights, to be honest.

"We’ve been training out of our car park area, and sometimes we get soaked, so we’ve been making do with our circumstances but we’re over it now," says Reid. 

The gym based in the Auckland CBD has only been in operation for a little over a year now and follows a group personal training facility model where clients train together while being coached by personal trainers.

Reid says although the original plan was to franchise, Covid lockdown has taught them to go in another direction.

“Online is the way to go now. We have people from all over the world connecting to our app, so this lockdown has really taught us to put a lot of our energy into that – because if anything were to happen and we have to close our gym, at least we’ve still got our online base.”