Only four days to buy fireworks

Fireworks go on sale tomorrow from now till Guy Fawkes Day.  Doug Jones of Environment Protection Authority is this year stressing the importance of fireworks safety.

"If one child goes to hospital that is one child too many"  

Jones says the law changes regarding fireworks are to protect us.  Last year, the Fire Service attended 117 call outs on Guy Fawkes Night.  A number of them were near misses.   

"The Government has the power to make our laws so in regards to the Environment Protection Authority our role is to stress the safety regarding fireworks or even hazardous substances in homes."
In Rotorua, all agreed that safety was paramount when it came to the use of fireworks in this region.   

Rangi Phillips of Kaingaroa is supporting Guy Fawkes in New Zealand, "There are worse things than that here but it's ban in Australia aye, we just come from over in Ozzie for six years and they don't sell it nowhere over there, they only have it at shows and that so that might be a good thing back here."  

You have to be 18 and over to purchase fireworks and adult supervision is required when using them.