Operation 8 allegations agitate iwi representatives

By Maiki Sherman

According to the Police Commissioner, surveillance in Tūhoe ended in 2007, the year of the raids, which is why Tūhoe leader, Tamati Kruger, is astounded it may have spanned another two years, until 2009.

Tamati Kruger believes, “If the information is true, yes, I am angry because following the raid in Rūātoki they said that was finished, the surveillance.”

Within the file obtained by Te Ururoa Flavell are surveillance instances such as, going to the shop, internet searches, and who was in contact with the person being surveilled.

According to the file, some of those included significant Māori groups or individuals, some of them from outside the Tuhoe area.  

It's shocking information to the Ngāpuhi chairman Sonny Tau.

“If what's being said is true, Ngāpuhi is very concerned and will be very upset because we don't know if I'm on that list and if any other Ngāpuhi are on it either.”

Te Ururoa Flavell is currently finalising his letter to the Police Commissioner, so we can expect next week for this issue to be thoroughly revealed.