Opposition parties seek referendum on Asset Sales

It's taken almost a year but it seems the voice of the people will finally be heard.

Today, Opposition parties submitted a petition containing 392,000 signatures to the Office of the Clerk, calling for a referendum on the Government's plans to sell shares in state-owned assets.

Labour leader David Shearer claims this referendum will make the Government listen to New Zealanders.

However, it seems Deputy Prime Minister Bill English has no intention of listening.

He says this was an issue laid out throughout the election period last year and opposition parties have had their chance to debate, he sasy he sees that as the Government having the mandate to proceed.

Meanwhile, Opposition leaders say claiming a mandate is a fairytale.

However, the Mana Party leader has a word of advice for those opposed, Hone Harawira says, “even when they hear, they don't listen, so we must continue to fight.”

The Office of the Clerk will make a decision in two months' time on whether or not the nation will go to the polls on this issue, but the outcome is non-binding on Government, so the voice of the people could be silenced again.