Osborne experiences prestigious British Darts championship

By Wikitōria Day

Tina Osborne (Ngāti Porou, Ngāti Awa) has just recently returned from one of the most prestigious Darts competitions in the world, known as the BDO World Dart Championship.  She says it was an experience she will always remember.

She's only been playing this sport for a total of five years, and within that time has participated in over 20 tournaments.

While she was over in Britain, she made it into the British Darts trophy play-off and the Lakeside play-offs.  She also competed in the WINMAU Masters tournament.

Osborne says, "It was quite intense because it was really different from playing here, and outside your comfort zone where you don't have your family and friends around.  So it was a learning curve for myself."

This year also marks her second year of playing in the Māori Darts Tournament and says there is one thing that sets this event apart from others.

"There's no difference competition-wise because there are great players either side, this more is about whanaungatanga so everyone gets to come together, doesn't matter where you are from."

With the new year quickly approaching, Osborne is excited about what the future holds for her.

"My goal is to go back and play but actually be there a little bit longer so I can play around the UK and be more comfortable."