Over $6 million raised for Chch tragedy, warnings of online scammers

By Jessica Tyson

More than $6 million has been raised from more than 75,000 donors worldwide on a givealittle page in support of Christchurch shooting victims.

Wellington-based charity Victim Support started the page last Friday after shootings occurred at two mosques in Christchurch and took the lives of 50 people.

Donations have been received from all over New Zealand and overseas including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, United States, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Germany, Ireland, Malaysia and the Maldives, says Chief Executive Kevin Tso.

“The amount we have raised is overwhelming and reflects the tragedy’s widespread ripple effect and the human desire to help others in need, he says.

“New Zealand and the world are in mourning.”

Tso says all donations received will be ring-fenced to support the dozens of families affected.

“We have begun making emergency payments to victims on an as-required basis, respecting cultural advice and considerations at each step", says Tso.

“This morning, Victim Support met with other key fund-holders to begin the process of working together to ensure remaining funds are used in a fair, responsible, and coordinated way.”

Online scammers

Meanwhile, people are being warned about online scammers who are using the tragic event as an opportunity to perform online cyber-attacks against New Zealanders.

This includes scams in the format of fake online banking logins, says cybersecurity group CERT NZ.

“These emails also contain fraudulent bank accounts where victims can make donations for the Christchurch tragedy, CERT NZ said in a statement.

“CERT NZ recommends that anyone wishing to donate, seek out official platforms and banks rather than using links in emails or on social media.”

People are also being recommended to report any phishing to CERT NZ.