Parents guide to NCEA

By Ani-Oriwia Adds

About 160,000 students around New Zealand have just found out the results of their NCEA exams so Careers New Zealand has released five easy steps to help parents guide teenagers through NCEA results and how to talk to your teenagers about their future careers.

"It can be an emotional and confronting time for teens, particularly school leavers," says Pat Cody, Principal Advisor - Career Knowledge Hub, Careers New Zealand.  "For many students, results will confirm study or career pathways, but some will receive results that may be disappointing or unexpected - requiring some further thinking about their future careers."

The five steps include:

  1. Reality check your expectations and brush up on your understanding of NCEA
  2. Choose the right time and place to discuss results
  3. Take time to analyse results
  4. Remember there are options
  5. Reflect on how results impact on aspirations and plans

Jo And Stephen Wilson- Parents of Wellington Girls College student Nicole Wilson say that these tips are a good reminder for parents to be more attentive to your kids and their goals around this time.  “I think anything that we can do to encourage awareness that academic is important, especially for our Maori tamariki is really important, there are limited options out there and for you to be able to succeed and not only be proud of yourself but also your extended whānau as well”.

Initiatives Advisor for CNZ Ana Hau says that there are a lot of parents out there who don't actually know how NCEA works because it's different to how it was when they were at school, so this guide is there to help them to support their tamariki through this process to the best of their abilities.

Stephen and Jo agree that it could help parents set realistic expectations with their children because not everyone is a rocket scientist and they have skills in other areas and you know having that discussion at the start of the year about where they want to be and what career they want to follow in and maybe getting them some support.

Ana Hau says that the main thing is that no matter what the outcomes are for the NCEA results it's all about families working together, talking to each other and creating pathways for their children.

For advice, visit or phone 0800 222 733.