Parker has stern message for illegal streamers

By Tamati Tiananga

Saturday night's boxing clash between Joseph Parker and Carlos Takam attracted more than 100,000 views from Facebook users watching live-streams that had been re-broadcast unlawfully by people filming Sky TV's $49.99 pay-per-view of the match.

Joseph Parker says, “The way that I see it, I feel sorry for them or the people that can’t afford it, but the truth is that they are stealing from myself and stealing from Duco. I mean I’m the one going to war.”

The breach happened when the fight was copied from the TV broadcast and then in a separate breach was re-communicated again to Social Media.  

Duco Promoter Dean Longergan says, “We are just assembling a legal team and we will be looking at our options then we will be in pursuit. One of them called himself the Robin Hood of the internet, 'well guess what the Sheriff of Nottingham with his posse of lawyers is coming son and it’s going to cost a lot".”

Tens of thousands were able to watch for free after Facebook user BeastMoze who is believed to be of Pacific Island heritage, broadcasted Saturday night's fight using Facebook's live video function.

Parker says, “It hurts a little that they are of the same culture and it hurts when they keep calling my promoters a thief. My promoters look after me and we work well as a team when they sort of discriminate them they discriminate me.”

The Joseph Parker vs Carlos Takam fight the weekend cost Duco Events and estimated $2mill to put on hence the higher PPV price tag. Fans will be happy to know the PPV price for Parkers July fight against former NRL Star Solomon Homono is expected to drop in sales by $10.00.

“We review those things all the time. My gut feeling is we will go back to $39.95 but we will have a discussion about that internally and we will talk to Sky (Sky Television) about that. At the end of the day, the fight on the weekend was an IBF title eliminator and it was an incredibly expensive fight to put on,” says Longergan.

Today the announcement to fight Homono was made at Duco HQ. The matchup is described as a step forward fight while Parker waits for his mandatory fight against Anthony Joshua to happen between the months of November to January 2017.