Pataua roadblock by locals halts Vodafone tower construction

By Dean Nathan

Today in Northland, the main road to Pataua was blocked by a family who don’t agree to Vodafone and the district council entering and formalising the construction of a Vodafone tower in their community.

Arthur Mahanga says, “The deal is done and today they were coming around to do the blessing to open it all up for dozers and that to come in and put their road in.”

Vodafone have consulted with the wider community of Pataua for the past two years.

Harry Mahanga says, “I have no issues with this cell phone tower but some of our people are very concerned.  He never raised these issues at our meeting across the water there but today the whole world has turned.”

But for one whānau they say the road block will not end until they have met in person.

“Just come and talk to us you know, come to the whānau, come and talk to the whānau.  This old house is here, it’s not gonna bite you. Just come and say hello you know, that's all we're asking,” says Mahanga.