Paua shoots to the top of iTunes NZ reggae chart

Australia based reggae band Paua has topped the New Zealand iTunes reggae chart with their new single 'Play By Your Rules'. Leah Te Whata caught up with them on the last day of their New Zealand tour.

Like the words in their famous single 'Coming Home', Paua's Māori band members have returned to Aotearoa as a part of the band’s New Zealand tour.

Lead singer Jay Whitmore says, "Getting ourselves out to the people, it's a buzz every single time, it doesn't matter how many times you do it. We've had a couple albums out there and every time you put a new song out and people dig it, that's why we do it."

The band's saxophone player Cassie Whitehead says the band has been overwhelmed with support from their fans in New Zealand, with last week's Napier show selling out completely.

"Highlight, maybe Napier that was a sold-out show at the Crab Farm Winery. That was a top venue."

The band's Drummer Clinton Cochrane says, "Them singing our songs louder than the PA that stands pretty tall, it's a moment you won't forget."

Recently the bands newest song Play By your Rules shot to the top of the New Zealand iTunes reggae chart.

Whitmore says, "It's kind of about the haves and the have-nots in this world and the way the worlds looking at the moment and I guess you just have to listen to it to totally understand it."

Paua is made up of Māori, Polynesian, Philippian and Australian band members. They hope to spread their music wider than Australasia and eventually tour the world.

Guitarist and backup vocalist Norman Baquiran says, "I find it very exciting to work with Paua 'cause it's probably the longest band I've been in"

Whitmore says, "We've got big things coming up."

They now travel back to Brisbane, Australia, where they will continue their tour in two weeks.