Paula Bennett Māori Woman Deputy Prime Minister

By Renee Kahukura-Iosefa

State Services Minister Paula Bennett takes her stand moments after Simon Bridges stands down from the race for deputy prime minister of Aotearoa. 

What does the new future leadership of the National Government now mean for Māori?

Paula Bennett in confidence replied, "Under this leadership, you will see great Māori relations and we will make a concerted effort to make sure that remains."

Simon Bridges following his announcement that he had a good number but it just wasn't good enough to beat Paula Bennett.  He went on to say, "You have now got a really strong Māori women Paula Benett right at the top of cabinet the deputy prime minister supporting Bill English and so I think this can be seen as an incredible strong cabinet for Māori as well as for all New Zealanders. 

New Zealand future Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett come Monday will take her stand but not before she reflected on her rise to a position of power and authority from where she began all those years ago as 17-year-old solo mother on the benefit.   

Paula Bennett, " I hope there is some young Māori women out there who see's themselves as not having a predetermined outcome due to a matter of circumstance and can be strong and know this is a country that gives people opportunities you can take them and grab them and just may get to Deputy Prime Minister.