Peace activists face court charges

By Regan Paranihi
Photo/Peace Action Wellington Facebook Page.

Although the blockade of the New Zealand Defence Industry Association Forum is over for his year, the fate of nine peace activist lie in the hands of the Wellington District Court.

This morning the nine protesters will appear in court following their arrest at the NDIA Weapons Expo on Tuesday the 10th of October. Initially 15 people were arrested that day for minor offences in which six people were released later on during the day with pre-charge warnings while the rest were charged with obstructing a public way and one with disorderly behaviour.

Peace Action Wellington spokesperson Gayaal Iddamalgoda says, “We think it’s unjust that the police chose to protect the rich and powerful arms dealers over the rights of ordinary people to protest.”

Iddamalgoda says the police enabled arms dealers to carry out their deeply unethical business which profits from the death and destruction happening all over the world.

“The police were very aggressive on Tuesday, with many people reporting
being physically or sexually assaulted. We’re concerned that this
represents a troubling police culture.”

The nine people charged are due to appear in the Wellington District Court at 8.30am this morning.