Peeni Henare puts his name in the hat for Labour

By Dean Nathan

Peeni Henare says the time is right to put his name in the hat as a nominee to stand for Labour in the Tāmaki seat.

He says, “I was groomed for this type of work. I've grown up in the political world and the Māori world. I think I've matured and I have a strong back, so it's time.”

Currently living in Northland, Peeni spent a large part of his life to date growing up in South Auckland.

From a senior lineage, Peeni has been groomed to lead his people, and following the loss of some highly touted candidates and a drawn out selection process, Peeni has decided that his time has come.

“To the people of Auckland, to all Māori, let's not stay home this September, let's all get out and vote in all the electorates so the Māori people will have a voice in the politics to come.”

The Labour Party membership will meet on Sunday to select their candidate.