Pēke Kā - money management software for kura kaupapa kids

By Regan Paranihi

New financial literacy software has been created to educate tauira on how to be smart with their money.  Two years in the making, Pēke Kā is entirely in te reo Māori and caters to rangatahi in kura kaupapa Māori and Māori immersion. 

Co-founder Kendall Flutey says it's a platform that allows students to explore the value of money and how to use it.

It's hoped that with this new software the next generation will be able to think smarter when it comes to their finances.

Flutey says, "We've developed a platform that allows students to be put through their paces, learning all about financial education, budgeting, KiwiSaver, tax debt- all those crucial life skills."

Pēke Kā was officially launched at the beginning of this month.

"I really think whānau more widely can benefit from this kaupapa if we've never learned about money.  It doesn't really matter how old you are, there's always something you can take away."

The Pēke Kā platform allows kaiako to register their class to teach tauira about income, expenses, taxes, property, insurance and much more.

"When you create a classroom economy and students are transacting and have the ability to earn income there is the incentive to perhaps go above and beyond."

The initiative was trialed in many kura kaupapa across the country to see if it would benefit tauira.

"There were some people who put their hands up really early and came on board...it was quite an organic relationship that made a lot of sense. They already wanted this in kura."

Flutey is also one of this year's Whetu Maiangi finalists at the Matariki Awards. She says her mahi has always been a team effort.

"I'm super humbled by being a finalist for the Matariki awards, I guess I find it pretty tricky with individual awards because Pēke Kā didn't just come from me it came from really hundreds of people.  So as humbling as it is I think there needs to be greater recognition for those who have supported me and those who will support Pēke Kā going forward."

The initiative is fully funded by Kiwibank- which means kura across the country can adopt the software at no cost.