Perrot-Hunt lands US basketball scholarship

By Ruth Smith

Kruz Perrot-Hunt has signed his name and it won't be long before he calls the United States his home away from home.

"I'll just be going to the University of South Dakota.  I went over there and thought, I could see myself being here for four years.  The facilities were amazing, the people are amazing and I just saw myself fitting in," said the young forward.

With a staggering list of accomplishments already this year, Perrott-Hunt adds his full scholarship to his college of choice, the University of South Dakota to the stunning list.

"It's fully a privilege to go over.  I'm very grateful to be able to go over on and go to a school on a full scholarship."

With so many significant on-court highlights this year it's hard to choose a standout.  Perrot-Hunt boasts back-to-back national schoolboy titles with Rosmini College, a silver medal with Junior Tall Blacks in the FIBA Asia Cup, a development spot with the NBL's Breakers, and also becoming the latest junior prodigy to be elevated to the Tall Blacks squad.

"I definitely want to compete over there and try to make a statement over there very quickly, so, I'm just going to be bringing that and build a reputation for us Kiwis"

Perrot-Hunt has also had the advantage of consulting with his senior Breakers team mates; the likes of Tom Abercrombie, and Shawn Long, both out of the American College system and giving him the tips and tricks of the trade.

"They've talked to me about their experiences and how hard the competition over there is.  You have to have a big work ethic.  And I think I'm trying to tick all of those boxes and learn from the older guys, see what their experiences are and just learn from them."

With his ultimate goal being to play pro and a world of opportunity at his fingertips, Perrot-Hunt is not ruling out his options at home.

"I think it's just a step in my career and developing my game.  My ultimate goal would probably be to go to America or Europe or stay here and play professionally,"

Perrot-Hunt is set to begin his studies in sports psychology in August next year.