Person tests positive for Covid-19 in Katikati - MoH

By Will Trafford

The Ministry of Health says a person in Katikati just north of Tauranga has tested positive for COVID-19.

The person lives in Pukekohe in Auckland but is in the process of moving to the Bay of Plenty, so was permitted to cross the boundary in and out of Auckland

Officials say the individual has been having regular testing, with five negative tests undertaken since the beginning of September, the most recent negative test was 5 October.

In a prepared statement the Ministry did not explain why someone was granted such an extended period to move home.

The person is a user of the COVID-19 tracer app and officials are currently working to locate any close contacts and identify locations of interest.

Initial information has identified locations of interest in Katikati and Pukekohe, details will be made available on the Ministry of health website.

All family members have been contacted, tests arranged and are currently isolating with results expected tomorrow.

The individual is fully vaccinated and has reported no symptoms apart from regular seasonal hayfever and a runny nose that hadn’t recently changed.

Officials say the current public health assessment is that the risk appears low given the person’s vaccination status, regular test history, good use of the app and rapid contact, testing and isolation of family members.