Peter Hillary returns home after witnessing Nepal's devastating quake

By Taroi Black

Sir Edmund Hillary's son, Peter, has returned home to New Zealand after witnessing first-hand Nepal's devastating earthquake.

Peter Hillary was trekking with 12 long-time friends when the 7.8 magnitude quake struck.

It was supposed to be an adventure for 12 Kings College old boys to the Himalayas, but only 11 of them came home.

Peter Hillary says, “The earthquake came and the whole place let loose.”

They were about two hours from Base Camp having lunch at a tea-shop in Gorakshep when the ground started shaking.

“All of a sudden you heard this intense roaring of frank trains.  There was a great wave of air filled with snow particles heaved into sight.  I could estimate it at 150km to 200km an hour,” says Hillary.

After the earthquake struck, the group started to descend.  

This is when his friend Greg Kay had a heart attack and sadly, passed away.

According to the National Emergency Operation Center, the death toll from the earthquake that struck Nepal last weekend stands at 7,250, and the number of people injured is 14,122.