Peters targets media and National leadership in speech

Putting the people first is what NZ First is all about according to party leader Winston Peters. In his speech to his supports in Tauranga it was the media who came under fire.

Peters believes the NZ media landscape is changing.

“I said back then, corporate ownership was not giving media workers a fair go," says Peters.

"They were massively underpaying them, they weren't the resources and weren't given the time to do their job properly. Here we are 30 years and the situation is dire for your industry”.

The media and the national party leadership was also targeted by the NZ First leader in this speech today.

“The national party might actually reform itself," says Peters.

"It might actually find a leader because it aint got one now. If it's got a person that three out of four of the national party supports don't think he is a leader of the country maybe they are sending a very clear signal to him.” 

Peters outlined to his supports that they choose the right path in supporting the current coalition which formed the government.

“We have been successful for the last 25 years maybe you guys should stop writing us off.” 

This weekend was a huge milestone for the party, but the party was clear in saying that the next 11 months is going to be a hard push for them as they lead up to the next NZ elections in 2020.