Petition presented to Parliament urging Government to tackle poverty

By Maiki Sherman

A petition including 15,000 signatures was presented to Parliament today, urging the government to take action on poverty in tomorrow's Budget.

A number of community organisations are calling for greater support for the most vulnerable, especially children.

Emotions were also running high inside Parliament, a sign of the important day ahead tomorrow.

The main call though came from outside Parliament for greater action regarding the most vulnerable. 

Bill English may have the final sign-off when it comes to the Budget but the 15,000 signatures in this petition hold their own weight. 

According to statistics, there are 260,000 children living in poverty.

Despite John Key's pledge to place a greater focus on this in the Budget, Bill English said yesterday that hopes should be lowered.

Tomorrow, the Budget books will be opened and the greater details of spending will be known.