Petrol prices may reach $3 at the pump

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

Rising fuel prices mean families in need will be hit hard in the pocket.

Darryl Evans of Māngere Budgeting Service says that families will feel the price increase and it will mean that food will be the first thing to go from the home.

On July 1, motorists will be expected to pay $11.50 a litre for petrol and diesel for a maximum of ten years. 

Petrol prices have risen to $2.30 in some areas, according to reports it will soon rise to $3.

The tax is expected to raise $150mil a year to meet the transport needs of Auckland's growing population.

Meanwhile, National Leader Simon Bridges says his party will repeal the legislation and invest heavily in transport.

Māngere Budgeting and family support services are urging families who are struggling to seek budgeting advice.