Philip Morris NZ official statement to Te Ao with Moana

By Te Ao with MOANA

Māori Television's current affairs programme Te Ao with Moana invited Philip Morris New Zealand corporate communications manager Peata Melbourne to appear on the programme, but she declined and provided this statement:

Here’s the official statement on behalf of Philip Morris New Zealand:

“Philip Morris New Zealand regrets we are unavailable to appear on Te Ao with Moana at this time. We want to reiterate that we’re committed to the government’s smoke-free 2025 goal and are working hard as a company to give up cigarettes and transition to a smoke-free future.”

To answer your question as to why I joined the company in January 2019: 

“Smoking is a habit I despise more than any other and while Philip Morris International have spent years contributing to the smoking endemic here, they are the only tobacco company who are ready to give up cigarettes in the name of a smoke-free future. It may not seem the conventional way to help my people quit smoking, but I’ve never been one to conform so I find the irony in Philip Morris wanting to exit cigarettes internationally well-aligned with my personal values. The company is transforming to science & technology where they can minimise harm for smokers, and I want to be a part of that movement and help them make cigarettes history.”