Pio Terei Tonight is back with Saint Nix

By Kayne Ngātokowhā Peters

Pio Terei Tonight is back along with Nix who has a new segment giving away prizes to whānau in the community.

In a new segment called 'Saint Nix', social media sensation Nicola 'Nix' Adams surprises whānau who are having a hard time by offering them a grocery voucher, a weekend away at a place out of their price range, school uniforms, or even a new bike.

Adams says whānau around the nation nominate somebody who is doing an awesome job but do not really get the recognition they deserve.

She says, "It could be the nanny who's raising her mokos and working full time as well, you know, it could be Māori wardens.

"So I go in and surprise them and just give them something for them. Just to let them know that they are recognised and the mahi that they're doing is appreciated."

Whanau Ora is sponsoring $500 per show to support Nix's new segment, and to acknowledge those who are passionate about their community.

According to Pio Terei, Nix is an example of mana Māori. Which could be how she got the nick name Saint Nix.

Terei says, "I'm really excited about Nix. Even though there's part of me, he mamae, you know when I look at her story. But I focus on where she's going, not where she's been. And where you've been in all our lives is who you are. But I think Nix brings a magic to the show, an honesty to the show."

From rock bottom

Adams (Ngāpuhi) is wrapped with her new segment on Pio Terei Tonight as she is able to acknowledge whānau who face hardship. Something she knows first hand.

Almost ten years ago, Adams crossed the ditch seeking sunshine and fortune in Western Australia, but life turned dark when her youngest son died suddenly in 2013.

Her husband, at the time, took their remaining three children back to Aotearoa and her life spiralled out of control.

Homeless, Adams turned to prostitution and selling drugs to keep herself alive.

Unable to earn enough money to get back to New Zealand, Adams drove across the country to fly home from Melbourne. 

Unfortunately, she ended up in prison, accused of a robbery she didn't commit. After some jail time, a judge finally sent her back to Aotearoa where she turned her life around.

Her drive was always to one day be able to be a mother to her children again. 

Nix, seizing her moment as a rising television and social media star.

Excited to be back

Adams now has custody of her children, except for her eldest who is finding independence as a young adult. And she is empowered, being able to manage whānau life with mahi.

"I wasn't going to come back (to TV) just because I just got my children full time, so I wanted to make that my priority, my main focus. But then it just so happens my children slot into life, the transition was awesome and so it's been a joy. It's been awesome to be able to come back into Māori Television.

Adams says she now feels a lot more comfortable and confident onscreen.

She says, "I mean the cameras are still like 'oh ok' (laughs). But nah, I feel comfortable, I feel confident. Especially knowing Pio's right by my side to teach me and show me the ropes."

Pio Terei Tonight, season two, launches on Wednesday, April 28, 8.30pm on Māori Television.