Pipiwai residents hopeful council decision will lead to focus on dusty roads

By Harata Brown

Although The Hundertwasser Art Centre has long hoped to be built in Whangarei, those plans were left drowning following on from a Whangarei District Council sitting today.

Council chambers were filled with many people who were anxious to hear the decisions of council members.

Based on 8 votes to 6 votes, a motion was moved to withdraw all plans for the Hundertwasser Art Centre from the Whangarei District Council's 2012-2022 Long Term Plan.

In addition, previous council decisions based on the Art Centre were also removed.

This comes as good news for the Pipiwai Titoki Road Action group, whose roads lie in the Council District of Whangarei.

They hope the Council may now turn towards fixing those particular roads which suffer high dust levels.

Soloman Tipene says, that the high dust levels seen in Pipiwai is an issue outside of the Whangarei Council's hands.

The council proposed spending up to $13 million on building the Art Centre at the Town Basin, with up to $8 million from ratepayers.