Planned 1080 drop over Hunua Ranges concerns local Iwi

By Te Ao Māori News

The Auckland Council has confirmed that the pesticide 1080 will be dumped over the Hunua Ranges, the source of Auckland's water supply, next winter. Local iwi to the Hunua Ranges have raised concerns over this matter after meeting with the council yesterday.

Dennis Kirkwood is a descendant from Ngati Tamaoho, which is one of six iwi that have ties to the Hunua Ranges.  

Yesterday, the Auckland Council confirmed the dropping of 1080 poison into the Hunua forest. However iwi locals believe this responsibility should be carried out by their youth as a job opportunity.

Dennis Kirkwood says, “This needs to stop. This job should be given to our young people and our families. This plan will kill everything off.”

Eru Thompson was an Environmental liaison for the council and he was part of a team eradicating pests. 

“It is right that the council have made their decision but is it right that we as iwi agree, no. There's been many people that have opposed this plan,” says Eru Thompson.

The drop of 1080 will cover the 17,000 hectares of the Hunua ranges. The water that flows through the forest supplies 60% of Auckland water supply. 

“These are our water ways that feed us,” says Eru Thompson.

Although the strategy has been put in place, the iwi will continue to consult with the council, and the drop will start next winter.